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Skid-steer Loader Safety


If you operate or work near skid-steer loaders, take these steps to protect yourself.


Follow safe operating procedures:

  • Read and understand all safety and operating procedures outlined in the operator’s manual, workshop manual, and safety decals.

  • Operate the loader only when properly positioned in the operator’s compartment—never from the outside.

  • Stay seated when operating the loader controls.

  • Operate with the seat belt snuggly fastened and the restraint bar properly positioned, if one is provided.

  • Keep hands, arms, legs, and head inside the operator’s compartment while operating the loader.

  • Load, unload, and turn on level ground when possible.

  • Travel and turn with the bucket in the lowest position possible. Carry the load low.

  • Operate on stable surfaces only. Avoid slippery surfaces

  • Do not travel across slopes. Travel straight up or down, with the heavy end of the machine pointed uphill.

  •  Keep bystanders away from the work area.

  • NEVER modify or bypass safety devices.

  • NEVER carry riders.

  • Be aware that each machine may operate differently.


Enter and exit from the loader safely:

  • Enter and exit a loader when the bucket is flat on the ground or when the lift-arm support device is in place.

  • When entering a loader, face the seat and keep a three-point contact with handholds and steps.

  • NEVER use foot or hand controls as steps or handholds.

  • Keep all walking and working surfaces clean and clear of debris.

  • Before leaving the operator’s seat, remember to do the following:

    • Lower the bucket flat on the ground.

    • Set the parking brake.

    • Turn off the engine. Maintain the machine in safe operating condition:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Keep the foot controls free of mud, ice, snow and debris.

  • Regularly inspect and maintain the following safety devices:

    • Control interlocks

    • Seat belts

    • Restraint bars

    • Side screens

    • Rollover protective structures (ROPS)

    • Falling object protective structures (FOPS)

  • NEVER modify or bypass safety devices.

  • NEVER exceed the manufacturer’s recommended load capacity.

  • If you must perform service under a raised bucket, make sure the lift-arm support device is in place.


Provided by: Hausmann-Johnson Insurance

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