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Always Hiring the Best

Do you enjoy going to work each day? If not, come join our family.
Since 1952, Pheifer Brothers Construction’s main focus has been to build and encourage our family of skilled Wisconsin bridge building professionals. If you believe all your coworkers should: act with integrity, have each others backs, take pride in their work, show meaningful appreciation, and “bring it” every day, Pheifer is for you! That is who we are and what we teach.


Working at Pheifer Brothers Construction Company, Inc. can be a rewarding and exciting opportunity. However, the work is highly demanding and competitive; the summer and fall workdays tend to be extremely long.  Generally, we work approximately

1,600- 1,800 hours a year but perform those in as few as six or seven months. (Budgeting paychecks is vital in this line of work).

Pheifer is a Union bridge contractor for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, we pay prevailing

wages on all our projects and, of course, we are an equal opportunity employer.

If you are one of the BEST, please apply, stop in, give us a call, or drop us an email.

Experienced Crane Operators



•Experience in lattice boom crawler cranes, including friction rigs.

•Pile Driving experience.

•Ability/drive to be the best

in & out of the crane.

•Ability/ Drive to outwork everyone else around them.

•Ability to work out of town during the work week. 

Crew Leaders, Carpenters, Pile Drivers & Laborers



•Experience in heavy highway, commercial, industrial, or similar building trades.

•Ability to read and comprehend written instructions/ directions.

•Ability to organize, plan, lead, and motivate others.

•Ability/Drive to outwork everyone else around them.​

•Ability to work out of town during the work week.

Interested Crane




•Drive to become a heavy equipment operator.

•Ability to safely operate cranes on DOT projects.

•Ability to work as an apprentice while gaining knowledge and experience in the bridge industry.

•Ability/ Drive to outwork everyone else around them.

•Ability to work out of town during the work week.

Entry Level Apprentices



•Drive to enter the Bridge Construction Industry.

•May wish to become a laborer, carpenter/ pile driver, operator, or even foremen; only time will tell.

•Ability to work with others in a friendly and professional manner.

•Ability to work day in and day out during the construction season throughout Wisconsin.
•Ability/ Drive to outwork everyone else around them.​
No experience required so long as you believe the pheifer "foundations" describe you and your ideal workplace! 
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